Off the Beaten Path to Wellness

Disconnect, detox and revitalize at these out-of-the-way luxury spa retreats

By Lori Stacy

The Retreat Costa Rica

Detox from your digital life at Vida Mia Healing Center and Spa.

Perched on a mountain in Atenas, Costa Rica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, The Retreat, a luxury wellness boutique, recently debuted its Vida Mía Healing Center and Spa, offering treatments and therapies in the lush, tranquil setting. Take a break from the workday —and all your electronics — by indulging in the spa’s “Digital Detox.” The treatment uses shungite, a powerful antioxidant, to absorb negative energy and EMF waves. A 20-minute shungite hydrotherapy bath absorbs free radicals from the radiation emitted from phones, computers and tablets. Afterward, an herbal scrub is used to target parts of the body specifically strained from constant device use, such as the neck, chest, shoulder, hands and forearms. The treatment finishes with a frankincense and ylang ylang body oil rub to release EMF disturbances.

If You Go: In addition to the healing center and spa, The Retreat features elegant accommodations, two farm-to-table restaurants, a yoga studio, two saline swimming pools, organic gardens, a coffee plantation, sweeping views and hiking trails.

SHA Wellness Clinic

Creating healthy habits that extend well beyond your stay is the goal of SHA Wellness Clinic, which offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea from its hillside location in the town of Alicante, Spain. The spa takes a holistic approach to health and well-being, which begins with the macrobiotic food on offer. SHA’s founder, Alfredo Bataller Parietti, believed that he was able to heal himself of cancer by switching to an Eastern-inspired, macrobiotic diet; it was, in fact, his own path to wellness that inspired Parietti to open SHA. In addition to food that will detox your body, they offer treatments designed to detox your mind. Opt for the “Rebalance” program and you’ll meet with a team of health professionals who will devise a plan of natural therapies and treatments for your stay (seven days minimum is recommended) and tailor a diet plan that’s specific to you. They will also provide you with lifestyle recommendations and healthy habits to practice once you leave this idyllic retreat.

A personalized treatment plan at SHA Wellness Clinic

If You Go: Suites at this modern, minimalist retreat feature private terraces and plenty of living space. On site, there’s a cinema, a putting green, a Picasso exhibition room and an awe-inspiring infinity pool.


It’s in the middle of the Utah high desert, set amid stark scenery and miles from the nearest town … and that’s kind of the point: It’s hard to be distracted by anything when you’re lying by a pool that seems to have sprung from the clifflike rock that protrudes from it. And while luxuriating at Amangiri and taking advantage of their many health-and-wellness options is nearly enough — think yoga on a monolithic rock, Navajo-inspired therapies and exhilarating via ferrata crossings — its “Journey to Peace” retreat will further remove you from the worries of life. The four-night program focuses on serenity and is led by renowned Buddhist spiritual master and scholar Geshe YongDong, who will gently guide you to lasting inner tranquility.

If You Go: Connect with the resort before your stay to arrange private transportation from a “nearby” international airport (the journey can take from two and a half to four and a half hours by car from Phoenix or Las Vegas) or fly into the regional Page Municipal Airport. Suites at the resort offer breathtaking views and fireplaces, but if you want to get in even more touch with the surrounding scenery, book a stay in one of the 10 new tented pavilions, located a five-minute drive from the resort. The elegantly appointed tents have large terraces with fire pits and private plunge pools.

The “It” Bag with Wheels

Your batteries may have been recharged at the wellness retreat, but your cellphone, relegated to the bottom of your bag while you disconnected, may not be so fortunate. That’s reason enough to ditch your current suitcase and pack your things up in the “it” bag, The Bigger Carry On by Away, that au courant luggage you’ve surely seen rolling past in the airport (especially if you’re traveling through a tech hub). Beyond its sleek, polycarbonate shell, you’ll find an ejectable battery to recharge your phone or USB device, perfect for getting you ready to reconnect with civilization. $245.